General Nursing and Midwifery

GNM – Admission Criteria

GNM is the General Nursing and Midwifery course which can be done as a nursing course after 12th. Nursing is a popular and lucrative profession given the shortage of qualified nurses in India and worldwide.

This has increased the demand for nursing admissions; the demand is seen even more in nursing colleges in Bangalore.

The GNM nursing course is offered in the Best Nursing colleges in Bangalore and is comparable to the B.Sc Nursing course. Students undertake 3 years of study plus 6 months of internship in the GNM nursing course.

All courses are benchmarked and standardized according to the rules set by the Karnataka Nursing Council.

Duties and Responsibilities

The GNM course is prepared in such a way so as to create the best general nurses. If you are looking at working with a medical team in a medical setup along with doctors then the GNM course is a suitable option for you. The GNM courses prepare you with fundamentals of nursing, medical surgical nursing as well as midwifery and pediatric nursing.

The internship period will equip you with all the qualities and attributes required to perform as a GNM.

The General Nurse assists the medical team in patient duties, providing a support to patients and their families, being responsible for patients as well discharging administrative duties.

The most important function is during child birth where they assist in delivery of babies.

Career Options

The GNM nursing training equips the GNM nursing graduates with all the skills and technical knowledge required to function as a professional nurse.

Students graduating from the DGNM course can register themselves as nurses with the state registration nursing council. After this, they can apply to hospitals and clinics seeking employment.

Most of the best nursing colleges in Bangalore have their own partnerships and placements with other hospitals for GNM.

Students may wish to pursue higher education like the Post Basic Diploma in Nursing.

If students wish to go abroad they can also pursue the B.Sc Nursing course and apply for jobs abroad.